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Our facility features a team of trainers whose experience is matched only by their dedication to the client. They take the time to get to know you personally, gaining a deep understanding of your goals and any unique challenges you might face. With the guidance from one of our professional trainers, a new level of fitness is within your reach.

Meet Our Trainers

Warren Jones

Warren has been in the fitness industry for 25 plus years and still trains just as hard as ever. He’s in the gym every day for 10 plus hours/day helping others achieve their fitness goals as well as offering nutritional advice. He holds a certification through NASM, ACE. Call Warren to schedule an appointment!

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Hannah Goodfield

Hannah has been training pretty much her whole life. She is the perfect example of practicing what you preach as you will see when you meet her for the first time! She is a graduate of Missouri State where she ran track and field and holds two bachelor degrees in the fitness field as well as multiple certifications through: ACE, AFFA, BASI, MOMS IN MOTION, STW NUTRITION, CROSS FIT, ZUMBA Call Hannah to schedule an appointment you won't be disappointed.